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Another Kind of Cowboy (2007)
by Susan Juby
Tags: YA, Fiction, Realistic, GLBT
Pages: 341 (Uncorrected Proof)
Release Date/Publisher: December 2007, Harper-Collins

I got this through the Harper-Collins First Look program (you sign up to get free copies with the promise of reading and reviewing the book by a certain date) and I thought their summary was interesting enough to request a copy. However, this book did not live up to the expectations I gathered from the initial summary.
The book itself wasn't poorly written and it kept my interest whilst I read it, but it was hard to go back once I put it down. I believe this was only because I wasn't interested in the subject matter on any level, but I would recommend this to someone with that interest.
The book is told from two POVs and switches back and forth nearly every chapter. I like when books do this because you don't get just one person's view of the events happening in the novel as well as their limited view of life in general. These characters, however, weren't very interesting but perhaps because they were completely believable.
The book takes place in Canada, on Vancouver Island. Meet Alex Ford: a confused, dirt-poor competitive horse rider with an absent mother and alcoholic father. He cares for his aunt and twin younger sisters while their RV salesman father lives in one of his own products in the side lawn. While at a competition, he meets Cleo O'Shea: a rich, spoiled dressage rider with little ambition and a lot of attitude. Her parents are also absent but only because they're in the movie business, filming in either Europe or Africa. She was sent to a riding boarding school on the island after giving her surfer boy/personal driver her multi-million dollar home's security password which he then proceeded to rob while the family was away. The parents and police blamed her. They proceed to blossom a friendship through their riding and confusion about love. It's a pretty typical storyline with a not too typical subject (competitive dressage riding).
Like I mentioned, I didn't particularly enjoy this book but I do believe that it would be enjoyable to someone interested in horses and competitive riding.

Rating: 2/5
Resources: http://www.susanjuby.com/, http://www.harperteen.com/firstlook/

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