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The Batty Bookshelf

Reviews and Recommendations

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Welcome to the Batty Bookshelf!

This journal is made to house reviews of books I'm reading and recommend. The genres include but are not exclusive to young adult, fantasy, modern fiction, and historical literature.

Enjoy and always leave comments if you find my review helpful!

I try not to simply summarize a book. There are a million and one places you can get those already. These are my personal opinions about books. I try not to be too biased and just state if I liked it or not, but I will give both good and bad sides to each book. As I develop more of my own style of reviewing, I'll also start discussing literary devices such as characterization, plot, and point-of-view. In addition, each review with have one or all of the following: link to a proper summary (usually via GoodReads or Amazon.Com), any favourite quotes, number of pages, which edition, where I got the book exactly including where you can buy it for yourself, and the author or publisher's website. If you would like to learn more information about a certain book, please use the comment function.

This journal is for reviews and recommendations only. If you are an author, reviewer, or your journal mainly discusses literary topics, please friend me! If you are a personal journal or want to see my personal entries, please friend my journal untilyoubelieve.

I use icons and tags to denote types of entries. If you're looking for a certain book or author, check the tags. If you want to just browse for certain types of entries, each icon has a seperate category. View all my icons to see which image depicts what.